Honeycomb Panel

Furniture, construction and Packaging Industry and special production

Product Description

It is environment-friendly. Honeycomb panels, an innovation in packaging industry, are manufactured by gluing the 100% paper materials perpendicularly, cutting them at certain height, and giving them the honeycomb form. As a result of laminating the papers having same properties, it is a packaging material that has very high carrying capacity.


Features and Benefits

Shorter length of term
No product or raw material containing metals or non-metals such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, or Chrome+6.
Available in any carrying capacity
Available in any thickness, width, and length
Offering perforated and figured packaging material. Because of various diameter and grammage options, it is more affordable than MDF, chipboard, and OSB.
100% Recyclable Raw Material.
More lightweight than wooden materials.

Usage Areas

It is used in order to protect the bottom and/or top of pallet instead of using wood-based materials such as MDF, chipboard, or OSB.
Thickener in furnishing industry,
In production of light panel.
Filling material in door production.
In production of board pallet.
In packaging the profile materials such as aluminum, and etc.
Alternative to packaging with plywood or wood materials.
Separator in textile and similar industries.